Two Birds // Luke Hemmings


You woke up to the sun shining into your bedroom, creating a beautiful autumn morning. You got ready quickly, seeing as you stayed in bed just a tad bit too long.

You’d lived in the city for about a year now, but you weren’t confident enough to explore. Meaning you walked the same route to work everyday. It was a nice walk though, because you generally passed the same people. You went into the same coffeeshop everyday, getting to the point that every barista knew your order.

You were walking for about ten minutes when the beautiful morning got a disastrous twist, you heard a loud crashing noise. Almost as if a bomb went off. The sound was almost deafening, and it was followed by screams: a lot of screams. Your instinct tells you to turn around, to run away and hide forever, but your curiousity takes control over your body. You rounded the corner, having a piece of paper hitting your face, blocking your view.

You grab the piece of paper and examine it, it looks burned on the edges. There’s people surrounding you, their faces angled to the sky. You follow their position with your head and what you see drops your jaw to the ground: a gaping hole in the north tower of the World Trade Center.

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